What's sealing wax ?

Sealing wax is a solid sealing paste made of a mixture of resins and natural waxes used in the closed and sealed letters, documents , packages and bottles among others.

To wax seal are necessary seals . Originally they were used by emperors and kings , were pieces of metal with engraved logo to stamp on the pasta. recorded for this feature rings were also used .

One of the properties of traditional sealing is to be brittle when cooled , this allows the seal is broken to open the document and thus ensure that it has not been tampered or altered.

Currently it is used to decorate shares as warranty seal in bottles or to decorate and give an elegant touch to any product.

ALB sealing wax characteristics



Made with natural<br>raw materials

Made with natural
raw materials

Easy application

Easy application

Semi matte finish<br>which can be brighten

Semi matte finish
which can be brighten

Formulas for several<br>applications

Formulas for several

Reusable : can melt<br>several times

Reusable : can melt
several times

Extensive range<br>of colors

Extensive range
of colors

Nice natural<br>fragance

Nice natural