Sealed glass bottle in which an adhesive strip is being removed to open it. Other ribbons at the bottomGlass jars with dried fruit and honey inside, decorated with a beige ribbon and a sealing medallion with a champagne-colored bee figure.Bottles of oil and canned preserves wax dipping in red color, decoration with a basket of wicker and a green clothIvory wax stickers with KE initials and heart 3 wax dipping bottles of CORTICA tequila, the color the wax match whit the color of the labelSealing wax stickers in 30 diferent colors, ALB brand Wine bottles with tags hanging with text Happy New Year and sealing medallions on tagPurple wax sticker with starfishSealing wax stickers in silver color and metal plate2 bottles of wine SAN BLEU decorated with a sticker of blue sealing waxSealing wax stickers in silver colorOpening bottles with sealing wax BIO brand ALBBottles sealed with wax and stamped with black coatBlack sealing wax medallions oval and convex Gold sealing wax medallionsBlack sealing wax  ALB in a bottleChampagne bottle with gold sealing waxSquare line bottles covered with sealing capSealing wax medallions in red color for wine bottlesBlack bottles with pink sealing waxBottle with red sealing wax seal on top and text about solutios for green sealing of bottlesBlack bottle with sealing wax medallion in royal blue colorBottle with gold sealing wax medallion