Wooden case from a sealing wax set that has engraved the name Sabrina on top. Inside the case there are 3 read sealing wax bars, a wooden handle and aMini melting base that holds a stainless steel spoon in which red sealing wax is melted. Some white envelopes have been sealed with the initials ALB iWooden case from a sealing wax set that has a flag engraving on top and a melter with red sealing wax. Inside the case there are 3 sealing wax bars, aWooden case with engraved rooster in the center, sealing wax seal with logo of rooster and medallions in golden rose colorWooden box with red sealing wax bars, engraved with initials JJ and parchment with black ribbon and red wax medallionDe luxe sealing wax set in engraved wooden box with initial RSealing wax set that includes seals, silver and ivory sealing wax  and wooden box engraved with a shieldSealing wax set with FGF monogram and blue sealing waxSealing wax set with special seal, personal sealer, sealing wax bars and envelopesSealing wax Set, with metal seal, sealing wax bars, personal sealer and engraved wooden casePersonal sealing wax set and envelopes sealed in greenInkwell, envelope with sealing wax medllion  and wood box  engraved  containing sealing wax barsClassic sealing wax set with engraved heartSet for personalized documents: sealing wax, persoanl sealer, seal with special design and punch.Sealing set with stamp, three bars and engraved initials JAClassic sealing wax set with a personalized noteWood case with 6 sealing wax bars and sealing wax sealComplete set for sealing documents in case of fine wood with natural finish and laser engraving. Includes 3 sealing wax sticks and 1 seal.