Sealing wax Set, with metal seal, sealing wax bars, personal sealer and engraved wooden caseBlack sealing wax medallions oval and convex Silver sealing wax with coat of armsPersonal sealing wax set and envelopes sealed in greenEnvelope with several gold sealing wax medallions and  explanation of the sealing wax medallions applications.Sealing wax medallions in ivory, red and pink  color with hop sealTree with biodegradable wax medallionSealing wax seal whit phoenix desingnGold sealing wax medallions6 assorted color sealing wax medallions to seal bottles Black sealing wax medallion with bicefal eagle stamptInkwell, envelope with sealing wax medllion  and wood box  engraved  containing sealing wax barsWhat is sealing waxClassic sealing wax set with engraved heartGreen envelope with gold sealing wax medallionsSilver sealing wax medallion with cross braided sealGray sealing wax medallion stamped with rings sealRed sealing wax medallion stamped with braided crossSet for personalized documents: sealing wax, persoanl sealer, seal with special design and punch.Handmade paper  envelopes  with gold sealing wax medallionSilver sealing wax medallions with CL initialsIvory sealing wax with doves sealBlue sealing wax with balance sealSealing set with stamp, three bars and engraved initials JA