Sealing wax sticker in aqua colorRed earth sealing wax stickersSealing wax stickers in silver color and metal plateGold envelopes, labeled in cream color calligraphy and sealed with gold sealing wax stickersSealing wax set that includes seals, silver and ivory sealing wax  and wooden box engraved with a shieldEnvelopes ocher with black wax stickersSealing wax stickers in silver colorSeal and sealing wax stickers in red colorSealing wax stickers  with different colors and different designsSealing wax set with FGF monogram and blue sealing waxRed sealing wax sticker rwith initials MJ and crownOld stamp for ink and sealing wax sealSheet of paper with several samples of handwriting monogram AOSealing wax set with special seal, personal sealer, sealing wax bars and envelopesGreen sealing wax medallions with initials ESSealing wax Set, with metal seal, sealing wax bars, personal sealer and engraved wooden caseBlack sealing wax medallions oval and convex Silver sealing wax with coat of armsPersonal sealing wax set and envelopes sealed in greenEnvelope with several gold sealing wax medallions and  explanation of the sealing wax medallions applications.Sealing wax medallions in ivory, red and pink  color with hop sealTree with biodegradable wax medallionSealing wax seal whit phoenix desingnGold sealing wax medallions