Railroad tracks in the snow with calligraphic text  What a great trip is lifeWord January over a blue glacier ice imageWishing you a bright dawn, a successful day and a sweet nightLandscape photography with mountains and sea in black and white and the word quietudeCalligraphic text in a notebook, look back just to see the achievementsCrescent moon with calligraphic text, moon tablespoons to wane lonelinessLettering and calligraphy text  Winter, time of long nights that invites you to dreamChristmas card with sealing wax stamp and pen calligraphyJL monogram letteringCalligraphic text, there are silences that speak and words that say nothingWord  Footprint marked in the sandWord footprint with several design adjustmentsFor to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. Nelson Mandela
Calligraphic text, remoteness is not a matter of physical distance but coldness of heartsBlack background with number 7 and Thousand word written in silver, silver sealing wax medallionWord December in gothic calligraphic styleAlphabet in red in calligraphic styleLife is beautiful even with difficultiesFive minutes are enough to dream of a lifetime. Mario BenedettiMonogram with letters IOWord november  decorated with a typical skull of the Day of the Dead celebration.Word childhood written in calligraphy on a green backgroundTemplate to practice uncial calligraphyText of Serrat on the memory of Lucia written in calligraphy