Text in calligraphy: Learn to give your absence to who does not appreciate your presence. Oscar WildeText with a road fund: Do not let the grass grow on the path of friendshipStrokes for Foundational calligraphy alphabetText about dreming with one personSample letter strokes to foundationalSample letter strokes for uncialPhrase of Plato: The start in the most important task of allLetter writtenin calligraphy and hands of the calligrapher Calligraphic text over passionCalligraphic text on tell people that you love themCalligraphy for wedding invitationCalligraphic text about   life and dreamsCalligraphic text on the words of encouragementText in calligraphy on pursuing your dreamsText about life seen through the eyes of children with sprouts aroundLetters write in calligraphyInk and quillWedding invitation in calligraphic style with cupper sealing waxCalligraphic text: Give yourself a smileCalligraphic Text: Is better a little action than a great intentionCalligraphic Text: If you can believe it,  you can create itCalligrapic text: The elegance of an old traditionCalligraphic text: Life has meaning only if we choose to give itSample of calligraphic letterin in an envelope