Chocolate medallion made with a metallic stamp with the ALB logo and a heart decorating two individual cakes2 envelopes have been sealed with the initials pb in gold sealing wax and there are some gold sealing bars and the seal with a wooden handleKraft paper envelope that has been sealed with the word LOVE in red wax. There is a small wax melter with a lighted candle and some sticks of red waxICE CUBE WITH A W STAMPING IN A GLASSHeat stamp for foodIce popsicle mold with sticks marked with the name of MATEOHamburger with the brand stamped on breadStamped wooden engraved with a Heat StamHeat stamp, composed of a soldering iron and three plates with designs in 3 different sizesHeat satmp with the figure of an heraldic shield that has been stamped on a wooden circleSealing wax stickers in spring colors combined with flower petalsSealing wax stickers in 30 diferent colors, ALB brandMetallic seal to seal chocolates, surrounded by chocolates stamped with the seal of ALB and some strawberries covered with chocolate on white ceramic A pair of pink roses joined with a ribbon and a black sealing wax medallionSealed jar with flowers in ivory, sealing wax seal and calligraphic penWooden box with red sealing wax bars, engraved with initials JJ and parchment with black ribbon and red wax medallion50 Aniversary invitations written in purple calligraphy and sealed  with purple medallionsPurple wax sticker with starfishSilver wedding invitation and ivory wax seal sticker  Scarlet red wax sticker with heartsFleur de liz in royal blue sealing wax medallion Red earth sealing wax stickersSealing wax stickers in silver color and metal plateEnvelopes ocher with black wax stickers