Seal and sealing wax stickers in red colorSealing wax stickers  with different colors and different designsMonogram FGF in calligraphyRed sealing wax sticker rwith initials MJ and crownOld stamp for ink and sealing wax sealSheet of paper with several samples of handwriting monogram AOSeventeenth century sealing wax seal  with coat of armsGreen sealing wax medallions with initials ESSilver sealing wax with coat of armsSealing wax medallions in ivory, red and pink  color with hop sealSealing wax seal whit phoenix desingnGold and silver sealing wax medallions with sield6 assorted color sealing wax medallions to seal bottles Black sealing wax medallion with bicefal eagle stamptSilver sealing wax sticker with cross braided sealGray sealing wax sticker stamped with rings sealRed sealing wax sticker stamped with braided crossMonogram with letters IOHandmade paper  envelopes  with gold sealing wax medallionIvory sealing wax sticker with doves sealBlue sealing wax sticker with balance sealSealed envelope with the coat of GuadalajaraSealing wax seal with Chimalli (shield in nauatl lenguage) designSealing wax seal with Qetzalcoatl design in his serpent form.