Mini melting base with fused metallic blue sealing wax, mix of silver and navy blue sealing wax bars, and a seal with CZ initialsSealed white envelope with Regina design in golden rose colorBrown bottle with a golden rose sealing wax sticker, the design is a leaf, and is leaning on white and beige stones.Purple, yellow and magenta wax stickers with catrina design, sealing wax seal with catrinas design too, and cempasúchil flowersPearl wax stickers with JF initialsSealed brown envelope with LOVE design in red color, with a sealing wax bar for paper that was slightly melted at the tipCinnamon flower medallion in a white card with the name Sofía written in calligraphy. Laid on a table with a plateGift box with a red card that has the name Sebastian written in calligraphy, and an ivory sealing wax medallion with a snowflake designDe luxe sealing wax set in engraved wooden box with initials MT, sealing wax bars in black, silver and pearl. Mini melting base and silver medallionsBrown beer bottle with a champagne medallion, the design of the medallion is the silhouette of a man, it has a white label without text.Sealed purple envelope with the initials JG in golden rose, with a sealing wax bar for paper that was slightly melted at the tip.Three bottles with crystal clear tequila with black sealing wax medallion with hand designPearl and Golden rose sealing wax stickers with initials and ornaments and seal with wooden handleBottle of olive oil decorated with a red sealing wax sticker in a country landscape with olive trees in the backgroundGlass jars with dried fruit and honey inside, decorated with a beige ribbon and a sealing medallion with a champagne-colored bee figure.Sealing wax stickers in spring colors combined with flower petalsIvory wax stickers with KE initials and heart Sealing wax stickers in 30 diferent colors, ALB brandBouquet of flowers in purple colors tied and sealed with a purple sealing wax medallion
and text  Let's seal our loveBouquet of flowers tied and sealed with a purple sealing wax medallionA pair of pink roses joined with a ribbon and a black sealing wax medallionSealed jar with flowers in ivory, sealing wax seal and calligraphic penChristmas card, candle and sealing wax medallionsChristmas sealing wax medallions