Ivory wax stickers with KE initials and heart Sealing wax stickers in 30 diferent colors, ALB brandBouquet of flowers in purple colors tied and sealed with a purple sealing wax medallion
and text  Let's seal our loveBouquet of flowers tied and sealed with a purple sealing wax medallionA pair of pink roses joined with a ribbon and a black sealing wax medallionSealed jar with flowers in ivory, sealing wax seal and calligraphic penChristmas card, candle and sealing wax medallionsChristmas sealing wax medallions50 Aniversary invitations written in purple calligraphy and sealed  with purple medallionsPurple wax sticker with starfishSilver wedding invitation and ivory wax seal sticker  Red earth sealing wax stickersSealing wax stickers in silver color and metal plateGold envelopes, labeled in cream color calligraphy and sealed with gold sealing wax stickersEnvelopes ocher with black wax stickers2 bottles of wine SAN BLEU decorated with a sticker of blue sealing waxSealing wax stickers in silver colorSeal and sealing wax stickers in red colorSealing wax stickers  with different colors and different designsRed sealing wax sticker rwith initials MJ and crownGreen sealing wax medallions with initials ESBlack sealing wax medallions oval and convex Silver sealing wax with coat of armsEnvelope with several gold sealing wax medallions and  explanation of the sealing wax medallions applications.